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      Garden Marquee Rentals in London

      House parties are a great occasion for garden marquee rentals in London. Tent Rentals London (TRL) is a reputed provider of garden marquees throughout the Greater London region and Southern parts of Hertfordshire. We do especially (or so our customers say) at garden marquees for hire, garden marquee hire prices, garden cottage marquee, garden marquee decoration, garden party marquee and garden marquee wedding ideas, so if yon think this type of solution would benefit make sure to request quote today.

      Garden Marquee for Hire for all London postcodes

      A garden marquee for hire in London is a typical request as you would imagine with the general busy-ness of social calendars within the capital city. The task to hire a garden marquee has gotten simpler in many ways and yet in other more complex – let me explain. Although the search for providers now is not much of a search at all as most postcode districts have at least 2-3 reputed providers (plus, many others of lesser quality and establishment), there are few who can actually deliver at service levels required to the more sophisticated event planner and organiser. This is where TRL come in! Our garden tent for hire service is great for last minute books from pressed event planners, wedding planners & private party organisers looking for excellent product at reasonable garden marquee hire prices.

      Garden Cottage Marquee in London – not altogether rare actually

      Contrary to popular belief the big city isn’t all concrete jungle, but there are actually some very quaint cottage mews in and around NW and SW London in particular. Such home owners often enjoy private garden parties for which there are common requests from us for garden centre marquees to shelter guest and catering whilst maintaining the freedom and beauty of an outdoor setting. A touch of the country in the city.

      Garden Marquee Decorations are a doddle with Tent Rentals London

      Garden marquee decorations have a variety to kind from florets, to ribbon, bunting, lining, lighting and furniture to flooring, banners, chair covers and flower arrangements. If you are a little bit lean on garden marquee ideas, feel free to draw upon the wealth of our experience and get yourself a headstart on the planning of your next backyard party event. The garden marquee lighting is particularly import for evening or winter events where natural sunlight (or lack thereof) would naturally be a consideration. In this way, we do everything from chandeliers to spot party lighting depending on your persuasion.

      Garden Party Marquee Hire for a more intimate London occasion

      For a garden party marquee hire is often a staple requirement. Whilst many have their own trusted garden marquee gazebo, most desire to hire the temporary  tent from a company which shoulders the investment cost in maintaining the structure and take the hassle of installing the marquee on your lawn, which presents it’s challenges particularly if you encounter a gradient or uneveness in the grounds.

      A small outdoor marquee is our speciality as the majority of our clients do not run/own golf courses and the like so end up installing and leaving structures up at client’s homes and local places of business like restaurants. Garden party marquees are plentiful in our stock and at any given week usually have a few out at customers addresses fulfilling orders. Early booking advantage creates opportunity for discounts and smiles on our customer’s faces. Rose garden marquees are a favourite – the likes of Kew Gardens is a beautiful venue for such grand structures.

      Garden Marquee Weddings are a hit with the new ‘less is more’ London crowd!

      Not a classic request exactly, but nevertheless one that is growing in trend. Garden marquee weddings are becoming more popular by those who perhaps are not looking to make a big show but rather prefer a more intimate setting for their big day. When planning such an event, either by yourself or with the help of a professional wedding planner, a provider like TRL who is able to add value to your garden marquee wedding ideas is a great advantage on the day. London has lovely residences and brings the beauty out of such temporary yet decorative structures.

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