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      Party Tent Rentals London

      If you are in need of party tent rentals London, then Tent Rentals London (TRL) is the ideal place for you to stop and receive good impartial advice and place a booking at affordable prices. We stock a large range of party rents for rent which we hire for a variety of events ranging from corporate to residential do’s, with consistently excellent service levels often fulfilling last minute bookings with great efficiency. We do party tent hire, garden party tent hire, party tent marquees, party tent events, quick party tent, party tent equipment, party tent gazebo, party tent sizes, party tent lighting and flooring, party tent online across Greater London.

      Party tent hire across London couldn’t be simpler!

      Party tent hire in London is a mature marketplace with many a provider looking to offer the product at very cheap prices, but to the prudent party planner or organiser the advice is to place a premium upon good service levels. Much about marquee and tent hire is about the service one receives from the provider rather than the product, although the general condition of the tent or accessory upon arrival given how well it’s been maintained also plays a obvious part.

      So, when you come to hire a party tent we would typically press that your provider should be upfront with their pricing. Insist on receiving a pricelist as to level the field of view enough that a meaningful negotiation can commence. A party tent for hire service should offer, as we do, a FREE onsite consultation within 48hrs of first contact to ensure understanding of scope of the work to be done. Only then can an appropriate gauge be given as to the most fitting party tent to hire according to dimension.

      Most party tent companies will consult with prospective customers face to face before a booking – but this would only really be in the best interests of both parties. Issues such as uneven ground and gradients if only encountered on the day of the booking can prove stumbling blocks to the runnings of the event. So now we understand that there is considerable amounts of preparation involved in arranging a party tent for rent, ensure that the small details are not overlooked. Party tent rentals are quick and easy with Tent Rentals London – just as they should be.

      Garden Party Tent Hire London for the more humble back yard do.

      We typically receive frequent enquiries for garden party tent hire and really enjoy suc events as these. We really like to engage with customers in the comfort of their own home helping them to set-up the ideal aesthetic for their garden party. Even birthday events for children are livened up with an outdoor setting, so why not take us up on our offer for kids party tent hire in London. A tent party kids love and will long remember if done well.

      There is much to be gained in the summer or colder months from hosting an outdoor event whether at home or at a local venue such as a golf club or leisure park. Outdoor party tent hire allows for temporary shelter for guests, even with a sheltered station for outdoor grilling or hog roasting.

      Party Tent Hire Prices London to give you an idea of budget

      Party marquee hire prices are varied and from experience on the face of it seem to be compared like for like but to the inexperienced in party tent hire in London, this can be a catch upon which to trip. Prices are often according to size of marquee or party tent for which we have given a guide beneath (see Party Tent Sizes).

      If you are seeking to rent a party tent cheap – our prices are reasonable enough to be considered cheap by most. Our customers are served with the most competitive party tent packages in the London and Hertfordshire market.

      If you are seeking an accurate quote for hiring a party tent in London then download our party tent price list.

      Party Tent Marquees London for the more sophisticated occasion

      For hiring party tent marquees in London, you would do well to browse the various types and qualities of marquees in the marketplace. Remembering that it’s often what goes into a party tent marquee which makes it, not the tent itself. In other words, don’t overlook the lining, flooring, lighting and furniture and their impact upon the enjoyment of your guests.

      Marquee and party tent hire has distinct cost savings when you book early, providers will often reward customers who show initiative and secure services well in advance.

      Party Tent Events London – whatever the event we’ve got a roof to match

      With a party tent events in an outdoor setting can be set in the comfort of a temporary shelter to accommodate your guests whilst still maintaining the freedom of an outside gathering. We are specialists in party tent and events throughout the capital and southern areas in Hertfordshire.

      Quick Party Tent London – dry hire, DIY sometimes is all you need

      Quick party tents are a frequent request from people who have last minute booking requests for parties within a week or even a couple of days or hours! As standard our service is express and our stock is laden with options so we are best positioned to fulfill the tardiest enquiry. Party tent pop up is a quick assembly option we also have for smaller events.

      Party Tent Equipment London – whatever goes in the tent, we’ve got it!

      Party tent equipment  in London comes in all shapes and sizes. The typical elements of party tent accessories are: lining, flooring and lighting. Aside from this there are many types of party tent decorations including backdrops, centrepieces, lighting globes, cutlery, tables, chairs, chair covers, balloons, dance floors etc.

      Party tent design is something that we offer directly and for more prestigious events will engage with wedding planners and organisers to ensure the themes and schemes for the big day are respected. We’re seldom lacking in party tent decoration ideas, always a team to excel in the creative sphere. We can accommodate most themes of party at the request of our clients. Party tent decoration pictures are available at our onsite gallery for photos or examples of our work.

      Party Tent Gazebo London – a posh word for a tent essentially.

      Quick,easy and yet with enough finesse to impress guests for all occasions, party tent gazebos in London are an affordable solution for parties and events of all sizes. Party tent small marquee gazebo are one in the same thing, so don’t get confused with the variety of product description which are prevalent throughout the marketplace. For outdoor catering events particularly, a party tent gazebo canopy is a great way of covering the food pod as well as providing some temporary shelter for guests.  This is the advantage of using this type of  product which usually has a pop-up mechanism which for most customers is easy enough to set-up DIY. The party tent canopy is a great option for dry hire

      Party tent sizes in London are as follows:

      Party Tent 3m x 3m / 3m x 4m – accommodates up to 20 people standing comfortably.

      Party Tent 3m x 6m – accommodates up to 30 people standing comfortably.

      Party Tent 3m x 9m – accommodates up to 50 people standing comfortably.

      Party Tent 4m x 3m – accommodates up to 20 people standing comfortably.

      Party Tent 4m x 4m – accommodates up to 35 people standing comfortably.

      Party Tent 4m x 8m – accommodates up to 60 people standing comfortably.

      Party Tent 5m x 4m – accommodates up to 40 people standing comfortably.

      Party Tent 5m x 6m – accommodates up to 60 people standing comfortably.

      Party Tent 5m x 8m – accommodates up to 70 people standing comfortably.

      Party Tent 6m x 3m – accommodates up to 40 people standing comfortably.

      Party Tent 6m x 4m – accommodates up to 50 people standing comfortably.

      Party Tent 6m x 6m – accommodates up to 60 people standing comfortably.

      Party Tent 6m x 9m – accommodates up to 70 people standing comfortably.

      Part Tent 6m x 12m – accommodates up to 100 people standing comfortably.

      If you are looking to accommodate a crowd of more than 100 people standing comfortably, then a party tent marquee of the following sizes are appropriate: 9m, 10m, 12m, 16m, 20m, 30m. The largest sizes can easily take capacities of over 600 people.

      Party Tent Lighting and Flooring at London prices to upgrade your presentation

      The ambiance of an event atmosphere can make the difference between an extra special occasion vs. an altogether plain one. Lighting and flooring come into play in a big way when it comes to setting the scene of an event. Party tent lighting and flooring in London is quite a diverse marketplace with providers offering all types of lighting from dancefloor globes, to lighting boards for bigger more sophisticated productions. Party tent lighting is a subtly which requires a keen eye and sensibility for the softer elements of event production. Most can’t command a understanding of the understated nature of party tent lighting ideas – for those who catch on quick, much can be achieved to induce a relaxed environment for the guests involved.

      Part tent layout planning goes a long way to stretch out the event budget in order to accommodate your guests to the best of your means. Depending on the type of event you might want one of a variety of party tent flooring to suit footwear of guests perhaps.

      Party Tent Online London – quick and easy booking

      Party tent online booking is now available via – before placing your hard earned event budget pounds on one of our stocked marquees, please feel free to view our party tent images in the website gallery. Hopefully the gallery will also serve to give you party tent ideas for filling in those gaps of creativity in producing the ideal event in London. A party tent in winter for example vs. the summer will encounter very different needs, like heating from example which with an experienced provider you can benefit greatly from advice in preempting challenges to come on the day.

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